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Degrowth economy: What does this mean with regard to concepts of work?

Willi Haas, Adelheid Biesecker, Uta von Winterfeld

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Position paper

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Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014



Documentation of the event "Degrowth economy: What does this mean with regard to concepts of work?" at the 4th International Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity in Leipzig in 2014.

From the conference programme: Roundtable discussion with short inputs: The reorganization of working societies and sustainable ways of living are closely linked. But the concepts of work which are at stake are rather diverse: Many plea for an extended understanding and the societal reorganization of work. Especially feminist approaches demand for a general sustainable transformation and a fundamental change within the economic paradigm. In the session we will discuss the major issues and implication of the different positions.

Speakers: Beate Littig, Uta von Winterfeld, Adelheid Biesecker, Willi Haas, Daniel O'Neill.

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