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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Cars for Future? Future images of (car)mobility by technical-scientific actors

Esther Wawerda, Nora Krenmayr

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Presentation [part of the standard session "Mobilität, Transformationsdesign und imperiale Lebensweise"]

The climate-damaging emissions of road traffic and other social and environmental problems associated with transport point to the need to move away from individual car-mobility and towards a social-ecological transformation of mobility systems. This includes political, socio-economic and cultural changes. Though being central to this, the role of scientific and technological actors has been underlit in research and literature. Also in a just, ecologically sustainable society, technology are essential to the fulfilment of mobility and other needs. Technologies are necessary for approaching social-ecological transformation. This means that, also in future, those people who are intensively involved with technology will continue to play a relevant role. Therefore, the role of technical-scientific in a social-ecological transformation has to be considered. In our presentation, we will thus analyze to what extent technical scientists contribute to the stabilization of the automotive system while being able to create a basis for institutional change and to provide technological and social corridors for transformation.

Presenters: Nora Krenmayr (Universität für Bodenkultur, Wien), Esther Wawerda (Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie, Leipzig)

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