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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Degrowth and European Politics 1: “How do we deal with the European Green Deal?”

Tone Smith, Jagoda Munić, Aurore Lalucq, Pawel Wargan

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Panel discussion

We will discuss what’s currently happening on EU level regarding “greening the economy” (mainly within the European Green Deal frame). Taking into account literature dealing with EU and national policies in the context of degrowth we want to make the practical challenges of navigating the realities of the European political system transparent. With this consecutive session we want to discuss the room of maneuver that this context provides for a deep transformation of our economy and society with a diverse audience, given the constraints of EU policy for transformational change towards degrowth in that market and competition are written in the “EU contract”. And also given the current COVID-19 pandemic and the large recession we are facing, where transformational green policies and deep change may are at risk.

During the panel debate, we aim to discuss and critique some main aspects of the European Green Deal: What is good, what is bad, what more needs to be done? What else needs to be done in parallel? Who can do it? How to strategically work on several fronts simultaneously?

Facilitator: Riccardo Mastini (PhD candidate Ecological Economics and Political Ecology, Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, UAB Barcelona)

Speakers: Aurore Lalucq, Tone Smith (Degrowth activist, ecological economist and freelance writer), Jagoda Munić (Director of Friends of the Earth Europe), Pawel Wargan (Activist and organiser - Coordinator Green New Deal Europe)

Language: English

Technical details: GND_panel.mkv, mkv video, 578MB

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