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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Degrowth and the overcoming of the imperial way of life

Andrea Marjanovic, Jana Hafner, Josef Mühlbauer, Walentina Pfug-Hofmayr

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Presentation [part of the standard session "Mobilität, Transformationsdesign und imperiale Lebensweise"]

The basis of the presentation is the empirical work that is currently being developed in the context of the research internship at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Vienna, led by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand. It examines concrete dimensions of life, namely nutrition (Food Rescue – Too Good to Go), living (SchloR – Schöner leben ohne Realgeld), and planned obsolescence (Repaircafé). Alternatives or niches are sought which implicitly and/or explicitly contribute to overcoming the imperial way of life towards a solidary way of life. It will deal with alternatives that “also arise from the political examination about one’s own way of life and the admission of alternative experience beyond the imperial way of life” (Brand/Wissen 2017: 169).

Presenters: Andrea Marjanovic (Universität Wien), Jana Hafner (Universität Wien), Walentina Pfug-Hofmayr (Universität Wien), Josef Mühlbauer (Universität Wien)

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