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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Theories of Transformation

Max Koch, Andro Rilović, Julia Tschersich, Mira Pütz

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Standard session (discussion following 4 presentations)

  1. Structure, Action and Change: A Bourdieusian Perspective on the Preconditions for a Degrowth transition - video
    A deprioritization of economic growth in policy making in the rich countries will need to be part of a global effort to re-embed economy and society into planetary boundaries. However, societal support for a degrowth transition remains for the time being moderate, and it is not well understood as yet why this is the case. This paper argues that Pierre Bourdieu’s sociology can help theorize societal stability and transformational change as well as the preconditions for a degrowth transition.
    Presenters: Max Koch

  2. Applying insights from transformation research for a strategy for the Degrowth movement - video
    This paper applies insights from a review of research on social-ecological transformations, in particular a framework developed to bridge process-oriented and structural approaches, to the Degrowth Movement. It derives suggestions for a common strategy, while embracing the movement‘s diversity.
    Presenters: Julia Tschersich

  3. Citizens’ Assemblies: A Lever for Political Change - video
    In order to develop and implement socio-ecological (economic) policies the processes and structural conditions of representation in democracies today need to be rethought, re-imagined and changed. Citizens’ assemblies can help us to do just that, starting now.
    Presenters: Mira Pütz

  4. Anarchism and degrowth: two sides of the same coin - video
    This paper will demonstrate why, when envisaging degrowth transitions and strategies for achieving them, it is essential to seriously engage with arguments concerning the limitations of the State in enacting radical systemic change, emanating from the long and fruitful history of anarchist thought.
    Presenters: Andro Rilović

Language: English with translation to German

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