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Food for thought: Regenerative agriculture is degrowth

Boglarka Bozsogi

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Degrowth Journal


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Ecological agricultural movements, such as regenerative agriculture and agroecology, epitomize degrowth principles in practice. If a planned reduction of economic throughput and energy consumption is to become reality (Hickel, 2020), agriculture must exist in harmony with planetary boundaries and in line with socioeconomic needs to contribute to frugal abundancy, equitable livelihoods, and food sovereignty for all. Post-growth food webs must be centred around communities, localized provision, and culturally appropriate, nourishing diets. Agroecology offers a simpler way of life with more connection, community, and care. Regenerative is the agriculture of a degrowth future.  

Despite the clear conceptual connections between regenerative agriculture and degrowth, the link between the two needs to be more explicit in academic literature (Gomiero, 2018). While the academic body of work on degrowth advocates for reforming agricultural and food systems, it does not offer a comprehensive understanding of the synergies and opportunities with regenerative agriculture (Strenchock, 2020). It is a missed opportunity not to recognize and promote agricultural practices that can pioneer degrowth in practice for a sustainable, just future within planetary boundaries. 

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