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Food sovereignty and solidarity economy

Solikon - Kongress Solidarische Ökonomie und Transformation


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Video of the forum "Food sovereignty and solidarity economy" from the Solikon-Congress for Solidarity-based Economy and Transformation 2015 in Berlin.

From the program:
What are the key manifestations and criteria? What are the areas that are shared, and how can they be strengthened? This forum will bring together practitioners, both producers and consumers interested in how food as a human right lies at the heart of solidarity economy, CSAs, Community Gardens, allotments, Social inclusion gardening in terms of bringing together local food systems and responsible consumption.

Part 1: Introduction to food sovereignty La Via Campesina: the origins, concept and daily work. Paula Gioia (ECVC/LVC, Germany); Nyéléni Europe: What is it? What does it do? Looking ahead. Ludwig Rumetshofer (ÖbV, Austria); Urgenci as part of Nyeleni Europe and the global CSA movement. Jocelyn Parot (Urgenci); Agroecology: An important dimension of the solution. Andrea Ferrante (ECVC, Italy); Part 2: How do food sovereignty, Agroecology and solidarity economy fit together?: The theory. Judith Hitchman (Urgenci, France); Food in an economy in crisis. Jenny Gkiugki (Neighbourhoods in action, Greece); Urban/community gardens. Elizabeth Ritsch-Meyer (Allmende Kontor, Germany); Video: One part of Ehne Bizkaya's new film: "Bide Berriak" introduced by Isa Alvarez (Ehne Bizkaya, Basc Country)) Co-facilitated by: Paula Gioia (ECVC) and Judith Hitchman (Urgenci)

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