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GAP working group 2014 - Childhood

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014

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Position paper

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Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


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Results from the GAP (Group Assembly Process) Group Childhood at the Degrowth Conference in Leipzig 2014

Ideas for Action – in communities
> Participate in creating a library of resources: videos, books, articles, contacts, speakers, knowledge on degrowth for under-18s
> When organizing events: always invite under-18s, always organize day-care/babysitting, think of other forms of presentation

Ideas for Action – in the next Degrowth conference
> Integrate under-18s in the Conference, Examples: Pictographs, Accessibility
> Call for Papers and Workshops for under-18s
> Create new formats, maybe speakers present twice: 1. academic, 2. in an integrated, including way addressing young people (easy language)
> Include topics children are interested in.

Research questions:
> We don't know the basic needs of children. How can we create need-oriented spaces for children that allow their participation.
> Question the “Childhood concept”: children are legally and socially discriminated by age, young people do have special needs... How can we avoid power abuse? What protection / reaction to their needs do children need?
> What could be better discriminators for adulthood than “age”?

Stirring paper:
> Children and Degrowth

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