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Charlotte Knorr

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Scientific paper

Year of publication:

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


Abstract: The Sharing Economy represents a social and also a media phenomenon, which indicates that people are sharing goods of any kind (material and immaterial) on the Internet for further using, distributing, splitting up, giving away or even sell. This phenomenon is currently experiencing in the media a veritable boom, both in the so-called Social Media (Web 2.0) as well as in the press media. The fact that the Cebit 2013 has introduced new information and communication technologies under the motto "Shareconomy" cannot be seen as only implicitly that the sharing of goods refers to an increasing explosiveness even for companies - largely due to the global networking of a society. What exactly is this phenomenon about? And what opportunities provide so-called sharing platforms in the network to establish a better handling of resources - in the sense of a more collaborative, more sustainable, more conscious and therefore more humane handling of goods in a world, in which values such as possession and consumption (will and should) become of less importance?

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