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Moving people from the balcony to the trenches: Time to adopt “climatage” in climate activism?

Laurence L. Delina

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Scientific paper

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Energy Research & Social Science


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Supercharged climate activism seems to be now justified in light of continuing government climate myopia and entrenched fossil fuel interests, despite cascading climate change-related disasters. Reviewing the tactics of the climate action movement is timely since the ecological mess we are witnessing is fast becoming intense and frequent, at the same time that emissions are rapidly increasing. This article underlines the continuing need for large-scale social mobilizations for climate action, especially in terms of pushing for a truthful energy transition, where renewables entirely replace fossil fuels and ramping out work on sustainable production/consumption and degrowth. Strengthened climate activism is now more than crucial since many governments remain unattuned to this paramount need. This paper asks if time is ripe for making strategic adjustments to the tactics in the climate action mobilization. Should militancy, particularly the sabotage of inanimate fossil fuel infrastructures, be included in the portfolio of modern climate activism? What does “climatage” (climate action + sabotage) mean for climate activism? What are its risks?

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