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State- prescribed (re)productivity? The Philippine Legislation on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Crisis

Janina Dannenberg

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Scientific paper

Year of publication:

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


Abstract: (Re) productivity transports a concept of sustainable society where boundaries between different forms of work and productivity are subject to annulment. In the Philippines, the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act recognizes the right to collective ownership of land and considers a broad variety of economic, social and cultural land uses. Even if not titled the same, the concept of (re)productivity can be found in the idea of indigenous lives and sustainable development transported through that law. Backed up by a field study, the paper shows in which terms this idea of state-prescribed (re)productivity is congruent and how far it is becoming effective on local level. This is done through the assessment of the crisis of the reproductive and the analysis of inclusions and exclusions in the relation of the Ancestral Domain and its capitalist surroundings.
Keywords: (Re)productivity, collective landownership, multiple crises, Indigenous Peoples.
Narrative step: Facing the current crisis.

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