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OPEN CALL: Hosting the International Degrowth Conference(s) (expected in 2022 or 2023)

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We are open to different formats, such as regional, online, partially online or thematic conferences.

In the midst of intensifying environmental and socio-economic crises reinforced by the current coronavirus pandemic, the deepening and broadening of the degrowth thought and practice is more relevant than ever.

In this open call, we invite expressions of interest from parties who wish to organize the next International Conference(s) on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity. Apart from hosting the next International Conference(s) (expected in 2022 or 2023), we are open to different formats and proposals, such as hosting a regional or online conference, or an international thematic conference (e.g. refugees and degrowth, or feminisms and degrowth,…). We encourage local organizing committees to consider hybrid formats, which combine a “live” in-person event at a physical location with a “virtual” online component for remote attendees.

If you are interested, please:

  1. Send us an expression of interest, with a 1-2 page tentative proposal. Please send your proposal to: supportgroup@degrowth.org
  2. Submit your complete 5-10 page proposal. Please send your proposal to: supportgroup@degrowth.org

We all realise we are facing challenging times, and now more than ever deadlines can be extended. In the overall uncertainty related to the ongoing crises and to possible last minute changes in a conference’s format, we fully understand proposals being balking. Nevertheless, should any idea arise for future events (either as we know them or as we do not know them yet), please do not hesitate to share it with us by writing to supportgroup@degrowth.org. We will be glad to address it and get back to you.

For more information, please see:
List of requirements and suggestions.

In 2020 the following online degrowth-related events took place:
– The International Conference “Degrowth Vienna 2020 – Strategies for Social-Ecological Transformation” (May 29 – June 1).
– A symposium specifically focused on the implications of COVID-19 for ecological economics and degrowth, at the time of the formerly announced 7th conference in Manchester (September 2020; See here).

For 2021 following physical/hybrid conferences are planned:
– a Joint International Conference with Ecological Economics, originally announced as the 7th Degrowth / 16th ISEE International Society for Ecological Economics Conference, with a clear thematic focus on ecological economics (Manchester, July 2021); and
– the 8th International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity, hosted by a range of diverse degrowth actors from the Netherlands, titled Caring Communities for Radical Change (Den Haag, August 24-28 2021).

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals, and working on them together.

In solidarity,
The Support Group, degrowth.info
Research & Degrowth (R&D), degrowth.org