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GAP working group 2014 - Organizing collective action for degrowth

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014

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Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


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Results from the GAP (Group Assembly Process) Group Organizing collective action for degrowth at the Degrowth Conference in Leipzig 2014

Building Alliances:
> Building Alliances with environmental and social conflicts actors and seed degrowth there.
> Link up with democracy NGOs.
> Link between Researchers and Activists.
> Storytelling: develop a positive narrative.
> Fight against specific instances of capitalist expansion into new environments and fight for the good life with people in those regions.
> Think/act beyond the state and the institutions.
> Articulate/Bridge movements through alliance building and campaigning on “key issues”.

Knowledge Management:
> Trainings for locals and in school (how to change).
> Support and link communities of practice using online collaboration and network tools.
> Establish translation infrastructure for Degrowth community.
> Learning from mistakes and share lessons learned.
> Exchange of success stories and best practices.

Offline social structure: National and local:
> International network of degrowth movements rooted in the territory.
> Extend Italian experience internationally.
> Linking national and local degrowth movements and initiatives.
> Creating degrowth “hubs” / relays.

Ideas for Action:
> Collective and direct action of dissent with the old system: “Conflictive Actions Strategy” of Occupy and Civil disobedience against
> > fossil industries
> > weapon industries
> > agro-industries
> Organize a vote about investment protection (part of TTIP, CETA, TISA) for the different countries EU, USA, Canada.

Stirring paper:
> How to built, organize and manage degrowth movements rooted in the territory?
> Scaling up collective action and advancing knowledge on degrowth from the grassroots
> Towards a new activism to effectively support a transition to a de-growth economy

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