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“Health and Degrowth”, a new paradigm in the field of sustainability

Jean-Louis Aillon, Elena Dal Santo

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Scientific paper

Year of publication:

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014



health, degrowth, sustainability, medicine, determinants of health

Abstract: The current model of development is not compatible with protection and promotion of health of present and future generations. It is necessary to question and overturn the current economic system, implementing, both in health and generally, the degrowth theory. We will describe the paradigm of “Health and Degrowth” and propose four steps in order to achieve it, deriving from the application of the virtuous circle of eight R’s on health (S. Latouche). 1) Re-evaluation and reconceptualization of the ideas of health, illness and care. 2) Restructuring health services following the new health conceptualization, appropriateness, primary health care model (re-localization), independence from big stakeholders, a systemic, global and multidisciplinary approach. 3) Health promotion and prevention acting on socio-economic, environmental and cultural determinants of health. 4) Involvement of citizens and patients in health management. The experience of the new-born “Italian network for Health and sustainability” will be presented.

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