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An open letter presented at the 2024 degrowth conference, which calls for addressing inequalities in the degrowth movement


National liberation in Palestine is an indispensable step towards degrowth

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By: Charles Stevenson, Inea Lehner, Feroz Khan

Writing from the encampment for Palestine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Charles Stevenson, Feroz Khan, and Inea Lehner argue that Palestinian liberation must be seen as central to a degrowth transformation


26 – 28 Jul 2024

Décroissance, le festival

2024 festival decroissance affiche 2024

We want to live differently, and many of us are already experimenting. Scientific findings on the ecological emergency are not enough. We need to open the emergency exit door with a bang. Faced with an unbearable "no future", happy alternatives to the current system are already taking shape - fairer, more democratic, more harmonious. During three days of festivities, arts, discussions, games... we invite you to experience a decreasing lifestyle and to renew the joys that break with consumerism. We invite you to experience the joys of connection, exchange, imagination, humanity and the slowing down of time. Further information: https://decroissancelefestival.org/


Life after Growth: A peek into values, needs, and time for degrowth


By: Life After Growth summer school participants

A reflection from participants of the Life After Growth summer school which took place in Kalentzi, Greece, in September 2023, and sought to rethink how we value, care for and nurture our collective affairs through the commons.

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