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In a previous article you may have read about the book Degrowth & Strategy; it was still a work in progress then and we were reaching out for financial support. Today, July 27th 2022, the collected volume Degrowth & Strategy: how to bring about social-ecological transformation is finally out! It may be downloaded and read for free on the publisher’s website, and an affordable paperback ...


24 – 28 Aug 2022

Alt-Shift , a Degrowth Festival, 1st Edition!

Alt shift

WHENAugust 24th - 28th WHEREGars am Kamp, Lower Austria WHYWe want to go beyond the tendency of classical education to focus on the mind and create opportunities where participants can not only acquire knowledge, but also become passionate and active advocates for socio-ecological change. The festival is a place where learning with all the senses and creating something new are at the centre, ...


9th International Degrowth Conference in Zagreb: “People, Planet, Care: it spells degrowth!”

Zagreb city center

Part of the International Conference Series on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity


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Welcome, visitor, to our overhauled website! We've been steadily undergoing the process of transforming our website for over a year now, and we are pleased to announce that the process is nearly complete. There may still be some kinks and bugs here and there, so we thank you in advance for your patience as we iron them out. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoy the new website. ...

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