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Call for Papers: Technology and Degrowth


The Journal of Cleaner Production will be issuing a special volume on the topic of technology and degrowth and is looking for interesting scientific contributions. Abstracts of 400 to 500 words can be submitted until 31 August 2015. The special volume aims to both provide 1) a state of the art selection of current discussions of the role of technology within Degrowth in academia and practice and 2) a deepened reflection on technologies with the aim to specify perspectives and to overcome their entrenchment. The full call for papers can be accessed here


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Degrowth as a concrete utopia


By: Riccardo Mastini

Economic growth can’t reduce inequalities; it merely postpones confronting exploitation. The emergence of interest in degrowth can be traced back to the 1st International Degrowth Conference organized in Paris in 2008. At this conference, degrowth was defined as a “voluntary transition towards a just, participatory, and ecologically sustainable society,” so challenging the dogma of economic gr...


Dragon Dreaming and Degrowth

By: John Croft, Julia Kommerell

Dragon Dreaming offers simple, objective and playful tools for visionary processes, planning, implementation, evaluation and celebration to make our dreams come true. Thus it helps building a degrowth society. We have a world economy where eight men have a wealth equivalent to more than 50 per cent of the world’s people, while three billion try to live on less than three dollars a day. We ar...


Anmeldung geöffnet, Grundprogramm steht

Wir freuen uns bekanntzugeben, dass die Anmeldung zur Vierten Internationalen Degrowth-Konferenz nun geöffnet ist. Auch das Programm mit sieben Hauptvorträgen, über 20 Podiumsdiskussionen und ausgewählten wissenschaftlichen und künstlerischen Veranstaltungen ist jetzt auf der Konferenz-Homepage einsehbar. Im Laufe der nächsten Wochen wird es durch ca. 250 Workshops und weitere wissenschaftliche Veranstaltungen vervollständigt. Es lohnt sich [...]