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About Lateef Salami

Lateef Salami is a Fellow at the International Sustainability Academy (ISA) in Hamburg and the founder of Ecopath ltd, which ensures sustainability in offices & schools through recovering value from office waste. He is also the founder of the GreenPath movement. 

Food • 05.04.2021

Communal Living – breaking the ice once and for all through food solidarity

Communal living

By: Lateef Salami

On October 1, 1960, as Nigeria gained independence, the population of the entire country was around 45.1 million. Fast forward to the year 2020, according to U.N, the estimated population of Nigeria is above 206 million. This can be seen as a rapidly exploding population when compared to other nations in Europe like UK (52.2 million in 1960 to 67.9million in year 2020) over the same period of t...