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About Patrick Loftus

Patrick Loftus is a marketing and communications professional and a part-time student in the Degrowth: Ecology, Economics, and Policy master's program at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. He's interested in debt abolition, work time reduction, modern monetary theory, decolonization, and storytelling that helps people imagine a just transition to a decarbonized economy. You can write to him at loftus91@gmail.com or on Twitter @Patrick_Loftus.  

Housing • 06.02.2023

A Degrowth Housing Vision for Maine

Keith luke tam2z1toges unsplash

By: Patrick Loftus

I’m in the Degrowth master’s program at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and in one of my classes on housing we were asked to envision: what would a transition to a degrowth society look like in your community? I’ve lived in different parts of New England like Connecticut and Boston throughout my life, but recently moved to central Maine for the first time last year with my partner who grew up here. So, my response kind of blended elements of the places I grew up in and the town we landed in.