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About Sofia Greaves

Dr Sofia Greaves works for the Postgrowth Innovation Lab, University of Vigo (Spain). She holds a Phd in the history of urbanism from the University of Cambridge, an MA in Fine Art and Design from Sotheby’s Institute and a BA in Classics. Her research currently focuses on the importance of art to the practice of environmental science, and she is conducting fieldwork with the SciArt project at the Joint Research Centre, Ispra. She has published on urban planning, utopia, public health and archaeology.

Technology • 13.04.2023

The Myth of Sisyphus and the 'State of Carbon Dioxide Removal'


By: Sofia Greaves

'The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal' report, published in January 2023, was presented as ‘a first-of-its kind, independent, scientific assessment.’ Rather than questioning the quite genuine commitment of scientists and researchers working to address climate change, the Myth of Sisyphus highlights a fundamental problem with the ontology of sustainability Science itself