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About Samuel Singer

Samuel is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy in Vienna. Before this, he completed his Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Innovation in the Netherlands. He is a vocal advocate for policies and practices that depart from the capitalist logic and embrace sustainability, equity and justice. Through his activism and academic pursuits, Samuel hopes to foster these ideals.

Reviews • 04.05.2023

'The Future is Degrowth' and 'Degrowth & Strategy': a Review in Dialogue

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By: Samuel Singer

While it is now largely clear what degrowth is striving for, how to realize the transformation towards this end state has not been engaged with satisfactorily. The Future is Degrowth (TFiD) and Degrowth & Strategy (D&S), two books that now complement the burgeoning popular literature on degrowth, set out to find answers to this underexplored question.