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About C.P.B. Murphy

C.P.B. Murphy (he/him) is a co-founder of Caracol DSA and its inaugural chair. Beyond Caracol, he is a member of DSA’s International Committee, the Metro D.C. DSA chapter’s public power campaign, and a lead organizer in the tenants union where he lives. Outside of DSA, he works with DegrowUS, which is organizing the degrowth movement in unceded Turtle Island/the United States.

Strategy • 17.10.2023

Why we formed a Degrowth Caucus in the Democratic Socialists of America

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By: C.P.B. Murphy

This summer saw the launch of 'Caracol DSA: the Degrowth Ecosocialist Caucus'; a new degrowth group within the Democratic Socialists of America, the largest U.S. socialist organization in decades and an increasingly powerful force in US politics.