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The degrowth.info editoiral team is an international collective of young scholar-activists who run degrowth.info in a non-hierarchical and intentional way. The group aims to foster its own voice and perspective on key issues within degrowth while simultanesouly supporting the development of the emerging degrowth movement. We sometimes write pieces together to find a common understanding on an issue or to simply communicate a burning issue to the degrowth community that we feel is overlooked.  You can see who is currently on the editorial team here.

Announcements • 08.12.2022

Beyond information: A statement on the evolution of degrowth.info


By: The degrowth.info international editorial team

As the world around us changes, so do the ambitions of degrowth.info. In this post, we share some reflections on the past year of our collective and set out new directions for 2023.

Blog • 11.05.2020

Planning for Post-Corona: A Manifesto for the Netherlands

By: The degrowth.info international editorial team

Last month a group of academics working in the fields of development and environmental sciences in the Netherlands wrote a manifesto for post-corona recovery based on degrowth principles. This initiative gained widespread attention, pushing the degrowth agenda into (Dutch) mainstream consciousness and the traditional corridors of power. The initiative was born in conversations that various a...