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Decolonising Sleep: Or the reparative power of rest as a radical act to restore rhythmic cycles

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

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The Dark Mountain Project


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'The Dark Mountain Project' online series 'Becoming Human' explores the physical, psychological and experiential aspects of our current predicament and how we might realign our bodies and minds with the living systems. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli makes a case for the reclamation of sleep in an insomniac culture.

Notes from a fractal encyclopædist on the interdependence of sleep and waking, delivered at a time when the only radical act remaining is to rest. Being declarations of freedom, independence and interdependence at the ragged edges of awareness, from a well-dreamt biographer of the power of sleep herself …


Netflix’s biggest competition is sleep

– CEO Reed Hastings (Independent, 19th April 2017)


There are colonies of wakefulness
upon the land of sleep.

Mining treasures from the caves of dream,

and clearing forests of rest

from hillsides of slumber.


These colonies of wakefulness are

Stealing from this land.


Anxiety and sleeplessness

Are stealing from this land

that used to be

A wild and pathless place to rest,

A secret forest of repair,

A private lake of restoration,

A hidden place of refuge to restore

within the wild diversity

of restful sleep and dream...


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