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Degrowth and Ecofeminism: Perspectives for Economic Analysis and Political Engagement

Christine Bauhardt

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Scientific paper

Year of publication:

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


Abstract: The paper deals with three approaches conceived as alternative models to the capitalist growth economy: Green New Deal, Degrowth, and Solidarity Economy. Ecofeminist economics has much to offer to each of these approaches, but as yet these contributions remain unrealized. The Green New Deal largely represents the green economy, which makes economic success contingent on the ecological restructuring of industrial production. The Degrowth approach more fundamentally raises questions concerning the relationship between material prosperity and individual and social wellbeing. The principles of Solidarity Economy involve implementing self-determination and cooperation here and now. None of these approaches takes into account the claims of ecofeminist economics, and none of them clearly aims at gender equality as an objective for economic change. The paper explores how ecofeminist economics contributes to an enhanced understanding of degrowth as economic and political practice.

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