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Degrowth and post-extractivism: two debates with suggestions for the inclusive development framework

Ulrich Brand, Tobias Boos, Alina Brad

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Scientific paper

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Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability


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Abstract: Two thrilling academic debates are taking place in different parts of the world. In Europe, the concept of degrowth is gaining in importance as a strategy to reorient societies and create well-being against the imperatives of capitalist growth. In Latin America, there is a post-extractivism or good living critique of the currently dominant development model of neo-extractivism. Only recently a dialogue between these two debates has started. This is surprising, because the chances to realize degrowth and post-extractivist strategies depend on global social–ecological transformations. Moreover, the debates are not linked to the inclusive development framework. This review article assesses both debates and discusses their strengths and shortcomings and makes suggestions for the concept of inclusive development.

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 24, 36-41.

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