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Human Scale Development... away from bullets and machines

Soledad Granada

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Scientific paper

Year of publication:

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


Abstract: The expansion of the modern state implies the continuous conquer of territory, and people, in order to access to resources. This conquer expresses as the continuous substitution of production models from peasant self-sustainable to agro-industrial and/or extractive, resulting in the territorial homogenization of production. This substitution, associated to different conceptions of development, has generated a "deterritiorialization" process or a void integration of the territory leading the uneven presence of the state. As a result the low capacity of the state to provide the tools of formalization of property rights on the land, restraining the decision power on the use of land and therefore on the development itself. In this paper a new conception of development is presented as the process of how individuals organize themselves within a social set (community) to produce and consume through autonomous (not necessarily mediated by the market) and sustainable ways of relationship guaranteeing human security.

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