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Indaba Network: supporting and connecting youth engaged in actions of social change through a dedicated g-local network

Eduardo Missoni, Alice Russel

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Scientific paper

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Degrowth Conference Venice 2012


Abstract: The economic crisis the world is living through shows us the ineffectiveness of the capitalist development model and of the current financial systems. The real economy is superseded by an ephemeral one which increases inequalities between and within countries, while at the same time emphasizing the need for new social and economic frameworks that are open, inclusive, just, and environmentally sustainable. The “De-growth” approach may contribute to giving new political sense to the global social and economic system, through a project of convivial, autonomous, and thrifty societies.
Indaba Network is a reality of young individuals, youth groups and experienced advisors working with and for young people. The Network actively supports the idea that non-formal education plays a fundamental role in creating a world in consonance with the idea of fair de-growth.
Transition to adulthood represents a challenge for millions of young people (mainly aged 18 to 25). Indaba Network was created to help the world’s youth manage positively this transition to adulthood, while fostering responsible, creative, and active citizenship at interconnected local, national, and world levels.
To find a positive place in society, youth have to pass through one particular threshold: taking their place in the community and being accepted as responsible citizens.
The model we propose links global change with direct engagement and social transformation in local realities. This “g-local” approach is thus based on concrete local experiences, supported through indaba-network with on-line selected resources, a variety of tools for youth-led projects, based on an open-source and open-mind approach, as well as distance learning and training offered for free by experienced professionals. Young individuals and youth groups, as well as all those who want to offer their support, are invited to enter the Network and share their knowledge and experience in Indaba Network’s ethical, purpose-oriented online community.
Indaba-Network has identified seven main fields of debate, orientation, and action: Planet (environmental conservation, biodiversity, and related areas), Cultures, Health, Horizons (meaning active, responsible travelling), Liberating education, Organizations and Networks, and Social economy. These fields of action help all involved to identify the links between local and global issues and opportunities for constructive initiatives.

Contribution to the 3rd International Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity in Venice in 2012.

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