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Keynote speeches - Visions and strategies for transformation

Michel Bauwens, Euclides André Mance

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Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


Recorded keynote speeches at the 4th International Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity in Leipzig in 2014. Speeches by Michel Bauwens and Euclides André Mance. The topic of the day is "Visions and strategies for transformation".

Michel Bauwens: The Transition to a Sustainable Commons Society in Ecuador and beyond
Degrowth will only be possible by changing the artificial scarcity-based design practices and engineering of the for-profit sector and by removing the incentive to externalize the true production costs in terms of matter and energy. A commons-oriented approach should combine global open design based in communities, local on-demand distributed manufacturing, and the use of renewable distributed energy. Along with changes in governance and ownership, it can contribute to a global phase transition.

Euclides André Mance: Economy of Liberation, Solidarity Economy and Good Living (bem-viver) (starting minute 44)
The economy of liberation aims at ensuring all economic means required for the Good Living (bem-viver) of each person and all people, collaborating to expand the private and public freedoms ethically exercised. Solidarity economy is a strategy for the economic liberation of the popular classes and of human society as a whole. It requires reorganizing the economic flows and economic chains in a democratic and sustainable way, as well as practicing self-managed work and solidarity-based consumption, trade, interchange and finance.

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