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Meadows: “World growth is about to stop”… So what?

Vincent Liegey

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Parti Pour La Decroissance


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From the article: . . . Finally, Meadows failed, since he had the right ideas, but he was all wrong on the form. In Paul Ariès’ words: “ If it was enough to be politically right, we would have heard about it!”.
But being right is not enough, what matters is to send the message and convey the ideas but to pretend to be “smarter” or to treat others as idiots, doesn’t contribute to a better understanding.
That is why, even though we are interested in the physical limits of this growth society, we believe it is important to reflect on its cultural dimensions by making the project desirable, by thinking about a political, cultural, social and psychological construction of serene transitions towards sustainable, and about all, desirable societies. . . .

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