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Only degrowth can be a credible answer to Europe’s current refugee situation

Dennis Eversberg

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From the article: Tens of thousands are currently coming to Europe, hoping for a better future. They are fleeing from war, violence, political persecution and utter despair, and their hope for a better life lets them endure experiences of dire poverty, exclusion, rejection, police repression and much more on their way here. At the same time, many degrowth activists participate in numerous projects and spontaneous efforts to help and support the refugees in the communities that they end up in. They donate and distribute food, clothing, sanitary supplies and other things, offer language courses or help people cope with bureaucracy. However, most of them do not consider this kind of activism to be directly connected to or even part of their commitment to degrowth. I want to argue that, in fact, it is. And what’s more: I think that the current refugee situation in Europe is not just – as many are saying – a crucial challenge for “Europe“ as a political project. It may even prove to be the very moment where it becomes obvious that Europe’s (and North America’s) imperial mode of living needs to come to an end.

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