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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Economic De-Growth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity

Fabrice Flipo, Francois Schneider (ed.)

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Scientific paper

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Degrowth Conference Paris 2008


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All papers from the 1st international Degrowth Conference on Economic De-Growth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity are available together in one document. Here you find the content with titles and authors:

Historical panel: from growth critique to degrowth
- Introduction to Georgescu-Roegen and Degrowth (Jacques Grinevald)
- Why environmental sustainability can most probably not be attained with growing production (Roefie Hueting)
- Conceptual roots of degrowth (Fabrice Flipo)
- Maroscopis rebound effects as argument for economic growth (Francois Schneider)
- Decrecimiento sostenible - sustainable degrowth (Joan Martinez Alier)
- Les services ne sont pas "la" solution à la crise écologique (Jean Gadrey)

Special applications
- Increasing solid waste flows and the emergence of new transnationals (Alexandre Duran-i-Grant)
- Le mythe des effets positifs de la vitesse en agglomération (Frédéric Héran)
- Gastronomic Sciences: Slow Food Revolution versus Gene Revolution (Bruno Scaltriti)
- Decroissance des procédés Harber-Bosch (Francois Schneider)
- Enabling degrowth at the neighbourhood level. Analysis of the cohousing movement (Matthieu Lietaert)
- Our Daily Bread - Eataly and the Reinvention of Supermarket (Tommaso Venturini)
- Tourisme et Décroissance: de la critique à l'utopie? (Philippe Bourdeau, Libéra Berthelot)
- Gold unsustainability (Leire Urkidi Azkarraga)

Second panel session
2.1 New indicators
- What will be the indicators of tomorrow? (Arnaud Du Crest)
- Economic de-growth analysed in Georgescu-Roegen's theoretical framework of the Economic Process with special reference to the System of Accounts for Global Entropy Production, SAGE-P (Anthony Friend)
- Bonheurs de la décroissance (Claude Llena)
- A Simplified Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare for France, 1980-2006 (Brent Bleys)
2.2 Degrowth or steady-state?
- Growth and sustainable development (Joachim Spangenberg)
- Economic De-growth vs. the Steady State Economy: complements or contradiction (Christian Kerschner)
- GDP growth, consumption and investment composition: feasible transition paths towards energy sustainability (Simone D'Alessandro, Tommaso Luzzati, Mario Morroni)
2.3. Debund effect
- Country carbon rationing (Alcott Blake)
- De-growth for Earth Survival (Raoul Weiler)
2.4 Southern perspectives
- Overcoming Contradictions between Growth and Sustainability: Institutional Innovation in the BRICS (Peter H. May)
- Is the economy (de)materializing? A comparison of Germany, China and Spain (Vincent Moreau, Gregor Meerganz von Medeazza)

Roundtable: from academia and civil society to policy
- Contribution from italian civil society (Sara Vegni)

Thrid panel session
3.1 Sharing work
- An environmental Kuznets Curve Analysis of Italy: A scale approach for sustainable de-growth (Valeria Andreoni, Marco Duriavig)
- The Basic Income, a factor of degrowth (Baptiste Mylondo)
- Career guidance and de-growth (Arnaud Du Crest)
- A human rights based political economy for a de-growth based equitable developement (Manuel Couret Branco)
3.2 Production degrowth
- The Precautionary Principle as a Framework for Sustainable Design: Attempts to Counter the Rebound Effects of Production and Consumption (Carmela Cucuzzella, Pierre De Coninck)
- Technology and the Growth Problematique (Thomas Schauer)
3.3 Redistribution
- Globalization, localization and the cost of complexity - a network approach (Jean-Marc Deltron, Nicolas Louchet)
3.4 What statutes for economic actors?
- Lose less instead of win more: The failure of decoupling and perspectives of a redirected competition in a de-growth economy (Volker Mauerhofer)
- De-growth as unlocking socio-technical systems: an application to mass motorization (Gerardo Marletto)
- Towards a "degrowth society" - the labor question in problematics of transition (Alain Arnaud, Michel Barrillon, Jacques Luzi)

Culture change panel
- Why are we growth-addicted? The hard way towards degrowth in the involutionary western development path (Pascal van Griethuysen)
- Degrowth vs. sustainable development: how to open the space of ontological negotiation? (Grégoire Wallenborn)
- Less is more: The influence of aspirations and priming on well-being (Astrid Matthey)
- Psychological barriers to de-growth: values mediate the relationship between well-being and income (Saamah Abdallah, Sam Thompson)
- The anthropological stakes of degrowth (Onofrio Romano)
- The finality of degrowth and its relation with justice (Paul Frédéric Piguet, Johan van Niel)
- Environmental Politics and Actual Degrowth. The issue of a sustainable financing of care activities, public goods and commons. (Maurizio Ruzzene)

Change of economics institutions?
- On the way towards a degrowth society: a review of transformation scenarios and desirable visions of the future (Ernst Schriefl, Andreas Exner, Christian Lauk, Konstantin Kulterer)
- Searching for a Shared Imaginary - A Systematic Approach to Degrowth and Politics (Mauro Bonaiuti)
- Systems challanges: profit, growth, and speed: results from the SYSCONS study (Robert L. Nemeskeri, Peter Bodo, Marton Herczeg, Oksana Mont)
- The De-Growth Economy and Lifestyles (Brian Davey)
- L'Asem, un outil pour aujourd'hui? (Gilles Luquet, Jean-Marc Luquet)

Democracy for degrowth
- Let's liberate our economies! From offer back to demand (Willem Hoohendijk)
- Sufficient, Closed-loop Agricultural Production in a Degrowth Economy (Kealan Gell)
- La décroissance soutenable face à la question du "comment"? - Une remise en perspective par les processus de transition et leurs conditions de réalisation (Yannick Rumpala)
- Why denial and inaction? (Yves Cochet)

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