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Questions of good life - some reflections with regard to the Swiss society

Dietmar Wetzel

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Scientific paper

Year of publication:

Degrowth Conference Leipzig 2014


Abstract: This contribution attempts to raise some conceptual reflections about the debate with regard to the conditions of an embodiment of the “good life” into social movements, especially with regard to the situation in Switzerland. Although we find – in comparison with other countries – in Switzerland a very rich und prosperous society, there are emerging alternative life forms which are no longer satisfied with the negative effects of a hegemonic cultural capitalism. Therefore I will propose to the workshop as an introduction and overview some mainly conceptual ideas about new and alternative life forms. I follow a suggestion given by the German philosopher Rahel Jaeggi. She understands life forms as “Problem-solving instances”, which I approach more closely in Part 1. For illustration, I am going to use the „Décroissance movement“ in Switzerland, which I also would like to discuss in terms of life forms (Part 2).
Keywords: Good life, life forms, social movements, Décroissance

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