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The Priced versus the Priceless

Derek Rasmussen

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Scientific paper

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Degrowth Conference Montreal 2012


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From the text: I was listening to CBC, the national Canadian radio service, several years ago when the interviewer, Michael Enright, began chatting with a fellow named Alouitious from Newfoundland. Alouitious had a farm which was within the city limits of the capital, St John’s; so the first question that Enright asked him was, “How does it feel to be living such an old-fashioned way of life in the middle of a bustling city?” Alouitious answered politely. Humph! I wouldn’t have. I swore at the radio and began hollering at Enright: “What’s so old-fashioned about food? Don’t you still eat food? Or do you live on techno-nutrients from outer-space or something?” Later on I tried to discuss the program with a city-dwelling colleague, but he snorted in disagreement: “So you’re one of those back-to-the-landers eh, Derek? Don’t be so naïve.”

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