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The Transformative Potential of Energy Communities

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Community energy has a longstanding history in Europe, dating back to the 1970s. Today, millions of citizens, Municipalities and SMEs are pooling together their resources to co-invest and co-benefit from renewable energy projects through energy communities.

As the energy crisis unfolds, millions of Europeans are facing energy poverty and are unable to access even basic goods, while oil companies are making trillions in profit. This same profit-oriented, fossil-based, centralised system is driving the climate crisis, exacerbating socio-economic inequalities, displacing communities for extractive projects, and destroying ecosystems.

Energy communities prioritise the wellbeing of their communities and environmental sustainability over private profit. They recirculate revenues within their communities, while creating local jobs. Most importantly, community energy holds the potential not only to radically reconfigure the energy system, but to usher in a new socioeconomic system, beyond growth, in general. Be inspired by concrete examples of such communities from Greece!

The crises we face are immense. If we work as individuals it will be too little. If we standby waiting for Governments to act, it will be too late. But if we work as communities, it might just be enough! Renovate your house, install a heat pump and rooftop PV, join an energy community. Help upend the fossil, top-down energy system!

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