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Degrowth Vienna 2020 – Work

Timothée Parrique, Gabriel Trettel Silva, Andre Cieplinski

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Standard session (discussion following three presentations)

  1. Work time reduction in a degrowth context: for the North or for all?
    Currently, most of the calls for work time reduction in a degrowth context focus on the global North and disregard the global South. I argue that advocating for work time reduction as a shared interest between North and South socio-environmental movements could contribute to increased global solidarity and sympathy for the degrowth framework in the South. As an attempt to contribute to the challenge of coherently incorporating “work time reduction with the South” into the degrowth framework, I explore some of the limits and premises of different positions found in the academic literature.
    Presenters: Gabriel Trettel Silva (Modul University Vienna)

  2. Can Working Time Reduction Make Societal Transition Sustainable?
    A relevant curtailment of carbon emissions follows productivity-led working time reduction: increases in labour productivity converted into less work hours. We apply a simulation model and compare three scenarios to conclude that a greater reduction in emissions results in smaller employment gains.
    Presenters: Andre Cieplinski (University of Pisa)

  3. Recipes for degrowth: Policies for transforming property, work, and money
    In this session I design a policy agenda for degrowth in a French context around the three specific themes of property, work, and money. The hypothesis I make is that operationalising degrowth means transforming these three institutions, that is redesigning them according to the three values (autonomy, sufficiency, and care) and fifteen principles that I ascribe to the idea of degrowth. The outcome is a transition programme for degrowth including 9 goals, 31 objectives, and a diversity of policy instruments gathered in 9 bundles.
    Presenters: Tim Parrique (University of Clermont Auvergne)

Language: English

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