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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Co-operatives, Work and Degrowth

Patrik Gažo, Philipp Chmel, Dirk Raith, Jéssica Chainho Pereira

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Standard session (discussion following 4 presentations)

  1. Degrowth Cooperatives as Alternative to the Development Paradigm: The Case of the Integral Minga Cooperative
    The session will start by explaining the objectives of the study, the theoretical framework on post-development, degrowth and cooperativism. Then, the studied cooperative and the methodology used will be explained. Finally, the results of the fieldwork and the conclusions will be demonstrated.
    Presenters: Jéssica Chainho Pereira (ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal)

  2. Car workers as political subjects of degrowth transformation - video
    I argue that degrowth strategies should be focused more on the industrial sectors and on those who work there. More concretely, the automotive industry is economically-speaking one of the most important sectors in Central Europe, with car workers having great potential to be a transformational force.
    Presenters: Patrik Gažo (the Department of Environmental Studies, Masaryk University)

  3. How can the concept of democratic ownership contribute to a social-ecological transformation? - video
    The study explores how the concept of democratic ownership can contribute to a bottom-up, workers-led social-ecological transformation of the Austrian aircraft sector, targeting the Viennese airport in particular. Therefore, the study will involve qualitative interviews with workers and workers’ councils, following a workers’ inquiry approach to combine knowledge creation with political emancipation.
    Presenters: Philipp Chmel (Vienna University of Economics (WU)

  4. Cooperative growth strategies for businesses beyond growth - video
    “Post-growth organizations” do face a dilemma: Growth allows them to increase their good impact. At the same time, it may have bad effects on themselves, as organizations. Against that background, we discuss various “cooperative growth strategies beyond growth” that promise to resolve that dilemma.
    Presenters: Dirk Raith (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz)

Language: English

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