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Submitting a text to the degrowth.info blog

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with us! Before submitting your text to us, please consider a few things about our blog, our readers, and our style.

When writing your text – be it an informative, opinion piece or something else – keep in mind that our target audience, i.e. the readers we are catering to, are mainly students, activists, people who are politically involved and journalists searching for information. Use vocabulary that is informal and colloquial rather than academic and complicated: imagine you are having a conversation and use words that you would use when you speak. We are not an academic blog, nor a lifestyle publication; we navigate in between those two worlds building a bridge between academia and everyday practice. Lastly, we aim to foster participation and active engagement, so we invite you to add calls to action for the readers where appropriate.

Some additional details to consider before submitting:


We look forward to your submission, please email it to blog@degrowth.info

You can expect a reply from us within one week of receiving your submission.