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Josephine is a PhD activist-researcher with the PROSPERA project at the Post-growth Innovation Lab and co-host of the YIKES Podcast that tackles climate justice, anti-oppression, and activism. For their PhD, Jo conducts collaborative/ethnographic research on knowledge-production within autonomous/organising spaces to connect activist knowledge as innovation through prefigurative politics, territorialisation and critical pedagogy.

Jo tweets @josephinebeckr

Technology • 18.08.2022

It’s time for a more nuanced discussion around Science, Technology, and Innovation in degrowth

Adi goldstein eusvweosble unsplash

By: Ben Robra, Josephine Becker

Despite an ever-increasing interest in degrowth scholarship, science, technology, and innovation (STI) have only been discussed marginally. It is vital to imagine different forms of STI not bound by the persisting growth imaginary.