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Strategy • 20.07.2020

The need for an academic Degrowth journal

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By: Ben Robra, Timothée Parrique

Degrowth is a thriving academic field, but one without a home. It can be a struggle to publish degrowth-related articles in the current journal environment. If successful, authors must often surrender the ownership of their work to commercial journals. After more than a decade of degrowth research, and with a growing number of scholars engaged in the field, we believe the time has come to start...

Blog • 26.03.2020

Why degrowth should scare business

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By: and Simon Parker, Ben Robra, Fabian Maier, Iana Nesterova

Recently, an article on degrowth appeared in Harvard Business Review (hereafter HBR). Rather than offering a critique of capitalism, the article proposes that degrowth may not be a threat to business after all, and in fact, there are burgeoning degrowth markets waiting to be tapped into by the risk averse. Although we applaud the authors in getting the word “degrowth” into the illustrious pages...