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About Ellen Helker-Nygren

Ellen Helker-Nygren is an activist and recent graduate from the Master's of Environmental Sustainability at the University of Ottawa. Her research interest lies in the intersection of the global political economy and the environment, with a focus on work, money and unequal exchange. She runs a degrowth group in Ottawa called the "Snails Collective" which focuses on building community and organizing for socio-ecological transformation in the City.

Money • 31.01.2023

A Coherent Monetary Theory is a Threat to the Capitalist State


By: Charles Stevenson, Ellen Helker-Nygren

Marxian political economists often criticise Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) for its lack of class analysis. While these critiques are right to point out that MMT has often been presented as the saviour of capitalism and growth, its insights are also of use to those who wish to see an end to capitalism and growth. While many proponents of MMT are not interested in a world beyond capitalism, the theory itself could offer useful tools in this struggle. Indeed, at its heart, MMT formulates the coherent monetary analysis needed by anyone who believes in using State power as a means of dismantling capitalism.