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Blog • 23.06.2016

Degrowth by designed disaster?

No to austerity

By: Lasse Thiele

How the conflation with neoliberalism and austerity unfairly reduces the idea of degrowth to absurdity – and where the degrowth movement can turn for answers to the crisis. The degrowth movement has been developed in response to neoliberal reality, neoliberalism's comically reductive view of human nature, its ecological blindness and the rise in social inequality it has brought about. Austerit...

Blog • 27.07.2015

Post-Development Discourse: Lessons for the degrowth movement (Part 2)

Post development 2

By: Lasse Thiele

By Lasse Thiele The first part of this article offered an introduction to post-development thought, which for decades has been trying to deconstruct Western models of prosperity and growth. This second part introduces some of the countless linkages between critiques of development and contemporary European critiques of growth. The discourse on sufficiency for example - the idea of recognizing...

Blog • 20.07.2015

Post-Development Discourse: Lessons for the Degrowth Movement (Part 1)

Post development

By: Lasse Thiele

By Lasse Thiele Is degrowth only conceivable in the context of “oversaturated” industrial societies while the global “South” remains dependent on growth? In two installments, this article questions such assumptions. In this first part it introduces positions critical of development which refuse to adopt the Western model of prosperity; the second part will focus on the analysis of these positi...