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Our crowdfunding-campaign has started - Please participate and share!


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In order to make our conference a truly democratic and inclusive event, we have started an exciting crowdfunding-campaign. It will run for 55 days and ends shortly before the conference.

Our goal is to enable as many people as possible to participate in the conference and to contribute to a change towards a society beyond the imperative of economic growth. In order to achieve this, however, we have to offer quality child care at the conference, video-streaming of the main events on our website and solidary funding of travel expenses. For these three purposes we will need 15.000 Euros to be raised through the crowdfunding campaign. 

As a thank you for the support there will be interesting presents such as hand-signed books written by members of our advisory board, canvas bags with degrowth-logo and an invitation to a degrowth-lunch in Leipzig.

Please support us, not necessarily with financial contributions, but also through sharing this crowdfunding campaign via your own networks. We hope that you will enjoy our little film. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at crowdfunding@degrowth.de

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D.E.growth: A Small Change in the Slogan with Large Benefits

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By: Miklós Antal

In a recent article with Stefan Drews, we discussed why degrowth might be an unfortunate name and slogan for the alternative economics movement. We listed several expressions that could possibly be better, but we were also upfront about their disadvantages. Here I propose a new term that might combine the advantages of the word degrowth with those of its more positive alternatives. For an asse...


Exit from the Megamachine


By: Fabian Scheidler

Why a social-ecological transformation is impossible without changing the deep structures of our economy Opening a newspaper or listening to the radio news exposes us to a flood of catastrophic messages: devastating droughts, failing states, terrorist attacks, and financial crashes. You can look at all those incidents as unconnected singular phenomena, which is exactly what the common presenta...


2015 – The Year for Climate Justice and Degrowth

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… and the contribution of the "Degrowth in Action – Climate Justice Summer School 2015" By Elena Hofferberth With the 21st Conference of the Parties taking place at the end of this year, the United Nations climate process is heading towards another climax. The aim is nothing less than the adoption of an international legally binding agreement limiting atmospheric warming to a maximum of 2 deg...