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The ASA-Programm invites project proposals around degrowth


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ASA is an educational programme that supports  young and dedicated people to expand their skills and to contribute to sustainable global  development based on respect for human rights and cultural differences since more than 50 years

Currently, the programm is looking out for suitable projects for the 2015 ASA-cycle with particular focus on the areas of degrowth and/or urban gardening which has been chosen as "topic of the year 2015" by last year´s participants. Applications can be submitted until 15 September in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese language.

In the context of these projects, ASA offers  a scholarship and a one-year qualifying programme. After attending two training-workshops in Europe, participants start their internship with organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Near East and South-East Europe. During their internship, they carry out a three-month-project developed by the partner organization.  The objective of the projects is to enable the participants to better understand global interdependencies and development-policy issues - and at the same time to support the partner organizations through qualified contribution.

Further details on the ASA-Programme and the requirements for projects and partner organizations are available here

For further questions, please contact Kristin Czyborra (kristin.czyborra@engagement-global.de, phone: 030/25482-353) oder Miriam Müller (miriam.mueller@engagement-global.de)

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Vegetable Cooperative "Rote Beete"

Gemüsekooperative Rote Beete [Vegetable Cooperative „Rote Beete“] from Marc Menningmann on Vimeo. What has agriculture to do with the climate? A lot. Modern, industrialized agriculture is heavily dependent on fossil fuels. This video shows an excursion which took place in the context of the Degrowth Conference in Leipzig last year. Participants visited the vegetable cooperative "Rote Beete" o...


A development vision for rural Africa

Tiyeda and seda

Without trying to give definitions of growth or degrowth everybody knows anyway, I would like to emphasize that these phenomena were always subject to discussions. Even a non-economist knows that it is impossible to talk about growth without mentioning ideas like increases in production factors, industrialization or economic development. Any increase has to come to a [...]


“Economic degrowth had to be coupled with political democracy”

Interview with Christine Bauhardt Prof. Dr. Christine Bauhardt is professor for Gender and Globalization at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Her main research interests are society-nature-relations and gender relations, feminist critique of the economy as well as migration and urban development. She took the time to answer our questions for the interview-series of the Stream towards Degro...