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Building Alternatives to Free Trade

Christian Felber, Florent Marcellesi, Brid Brennan, Rudi Dalvai, Jürgen Schwettmann

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Solikon - Kongress Solidarische Ökonomie und Transformation


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Video of the panel "Building Alternatives to Free Trade" from the Solikon-Congress for Solidarity-based Economy and Transformation 2015 in Berlin.

Making the alliance to stop TTIP and all other “free trade” agreements while developing the fair and solidarity international trade. What impact do TTIP, TISA,TPP, EPAs and the ISDS mechanism have on local economies and food sovereignty? What is our response? A panel to debate how to join forces among the different social movements and Solidarity Economy initiatives, including Fair Trade, as well as the international institutions who promote the rights of the people vs the profit of the corporations.

Brid Brennan (TNI), Rudi Dalvai (World Fair Trade Organisation - WFTO), Jürgen Schwettmann (International Labour Organization - ILO), Florent Marcellesi (MoEP, EQUO), Christian Felber, Facilitated by: Monica Di Sisto (Fairwatch)

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