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Degrowth Management for Urban Revision and Neighbourhood Retrofit of Future Calgary

Artan Zandian

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Scientific paper

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University of Calgary


sustainable degrowth, village life, urban district, shared housing system

Abstract: Since the first international conference on degrowth, the concern of economic, environmental and social crises has been added to political debates. The ideas of going back to village life for the reduction of consumption and having a sustainable life has been presented by many scholars, but with the future shortages of energy, it is not rational to leave the current cities desolated, and to populate new villages. This study strives to conceptualize the village life in cities through rearrangement of urban districts and shared housing systems. Its significance would be to visualize the transforming shape of cities and the human lifestyle in the future where all economic and institutional solutions have progressed, but no exact picture of the new trend has been rendered. This advancement in practice will try to open up an achievable vision to propagate sustainable degrowth in a way that has a less pessimistic message.

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