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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Connecting degrowth to Epicurean hedonism: pleasure as a political ethics of limits

Roberto Sciarelli

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Presentation [part of the standard session "Limits, Ethics, Unsustainability and Change"]

The session will explore the relations between Epicurean hedonism and degrowth, showing how such connection has the potential to enrich and refine degrowth transformative proposal of a frugal society based on shared simple pleasures, relational goods and friendship, leisure, idleness and dépense.

Presenters: Roberto Sciarelli (Centre for Social Studies – University of Coimbra)

Language: English with German translation

Technical details: Standard A5_Roberto SCIARELLI_Connecting degrowth to Epicurean hedonism_ pleasure as a political ethics of limits.mp4, MPEG-4 video, 44.0MB

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