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Study • 2023

Women's Work in the Pandemic Economy: The Unbearable Hazard of Hierarchy

By: Myfan Jordan

This book explores two unique studies of women’s economic behaviour during Australia’s COVID-19 crisis. The first describes the care ‘frontline’ in the feminised labor sectors of healthcare and education, identifying extreme workload pressures, deteriorating conditions, and a shockingly high incidence of workplace bullying: including women targeting other women workers. The author argues workpl...

Presentation • 2020

Other Video

Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Dépense as a degrowth strategy

By: Oxana Lopatina

Presentation [part of the standard session "Limits, Ethics, Unsustainability and Change"] This presentation will discuss the usefulness of both the concept and the practice of dépense for the degrowth project, and will make suggestions on how to frame proposals based on it for the purposes of informing a transition to a degrowth society. Presenters: Oxana Lopatina (Autonomous University o...

Presentation • 2020

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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Connecting degrowth to Epicurean hedonism: pleasure as a political ethics of limits

By: Roberto Sciarelli

Presentation [part of the standard session "Limits, Ethics, Unsustainability and Change"] The session will explore the relations between Epicurean hedonism and degrowth, showing how such connection has the potential to enrich and refine degrowth transformative proposal of a frugal society based on shared simple pleasures, relational goods and friendship, leisure, idleness and dépense. Pre...

• 2020

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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Limits, Ethics, Unsustainability and Change

By: Michael Deflorian, Karoline Kalke, Roberto Sciarelli, An, Pandian, Oxana Lopatina

Standard session (discussion following 4 presentations) The Awesome Life: Why Degrowthers Need to Talk about the Feeling of Entropy - video Critical views of consumerism are widely shared among degrowthers. However, there is a risk of overlooking a particular affective dimension of consumption: the ‘entropic feeling’. The latter is triggered when we surpass the biophysical limits of our h...

Scientific paper • 2019


Need, Entitlement and Desert: A Distributive Justice Framework for Consumption Degrowth

By: Cle-Anne Gabriel, Carol Bond

Post-growth societies seek socio-ecological transformations towards a just and sustainable redistribution and reduced consumption of natural capital. There is no one universally just and ecologically sustainable way of fulfilling these redistribution and consumption objectives; it depends on the criteria used and their underlying ethical teleology. We suggest three distribution criteria, borrow...

Presentation • 2018


First North-South Conference on Degrowth-Descrecimiento, México City 2018 - Ética biocultural y educación para revalorar los vínculos vitales entre los co-habitantes, sus hábitos y hábitats

By: Ricardo Rozzi

El modelo conceptual de las 3Hs ofrece un marco heurístico para evaluar las consecuencias que proyectos de dearrollo actuales o futuros podrían tener para los hábitos de vida, el bienestar de los co-habitantes y la conservación de los hábitats.

• 2018


Why economic 'degrowth' is an ethical imperative

By: Carina Millstone

Edited excerpt from "Frugal Value: Designing Business for a Crowded Planet" by Carina Millstone

Interview • 2017


Environmental Ethics / EnvJustice Vocabulary - Catherine Larrère

By: Catherine Larrère

Catherine Larrère, Université de Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne, explains the term "Environmental Ethics" and why it ought to be instrumental to the environmental justice movement. Youtube-channel EnvJustice Vocabulary

Scientific paper • 2017


Sharing, togetherness and intentional degrowth

By: Helen Jarvis

Keywords: association, degrowth, intention, sharing, social phenomenology, togetherness

Scientific paper • 2017


Pope Francis and Degrowth: A Possible Dialogue for a Post-Capitalist Alternative

By: Roberto Puggioni

Keywords: Laudato Si’; Ecology; structural change; Degrowth; Pope Francis; economic crisis

Scientific paper • 2017


Work ethic and degrowth in a changing Atlantic Canada

By: Karen Foster

Keywords: Degrowth, employment, work, work ethic, sociology, anthropology, rural

Scientific paper • 2017


Neo-monastics in North Carolina, de-growth and a theology of enough

By: Amy Cox Hall

Key Words: De-growth, neo-monasticism, emerging church, millennial generation, Christianity, sharing economy

Scientific paper • 2017


Shape of things to come: From the ‘laws of form’ to management in the post-growth economy

By: André Reichel

Keywords: post-growth, theory of the firm, system theory, laws of form, Niklas Luhmann

Scientific paper • 2016


Postwachstum als Herausforderung für Unternehmen

By: Dirk Posse

Herausgeber_innen: Eine Wirtschaft ohne Wachstum wird durch Entwicklungen wie sinkende Wachstumsraten, ökologische Grenzen und sich verstärkende soziale Schieflagen zur realen Herausforderung - fpr die Zukunftsfähigkeit einer funktionierenden Gesellschaft, aber gleichfalls für Unternehmen als Problemverursacher und potenzielle Problemlöser Aus Postwachstum folgt allerdings kein Wachstumverbot....

Presentation • 2016


How Economism Became Our Religion

By: Richard Norgaard

Publisher: Economism pervades our political discourse even while it is obviously false: growing and globalizing the U.S. economy have not helped the poor, lower taxes have led to collapsing bridges and poorer schools, and reducing regulations have hastened environmental destruction. These and other beliefs, or economism, have been perpetrated in the name of economics and gained credence compara...