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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Knowledge production for degrowth

Vienna Conference 2020


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We offer a workshop focused on our needs in terms of knowledge production in a society turned towards degrowth. We will highlight the work of fifty researchers, activists and students on the production of an alternative research scenario, called Horizon Earth. The workshop will revolve around four phases of presentation and discussion : The research scenario’s development and objectives, and three moments devoted to each of our research topics : 1) Health, 2) Food and Agriculture 3) Energy, Housing and Mobility. It will be a great opportunity to listen to your feedbacks on the presented research areas and narratives.

Presenters: Camille Besombes (Sciences Citoyennes, Institut Pasteur), Maura Benegiamo (Collège d’études mondiales, Politics Ontology Ecology), Fabrice Flipo (Sciences Citoyennes, Institut Mines-Télécom), Madina Querre (REVeSS, PACTE Grenoble), François Briens (Sciences Citoyennes, International Energy Agency), Paul Lacoste (HALEM (inhabitants of temporary and mobile homes), Simon Grudet (Sciences Citoyennes), Aude Lapprand (Sciences Citoyennes), Maëlle Frétigné (Sciences Citoyennes)

Language: English

Technical details: WS A8_Knowledge Production for Degrowth.mp4, MPEG-4 video, 119MB

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