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Degrowth Vienna 2020 - Resources and Energy

Ida Day, Jefim Vogel, Don Blair

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Vienna Conference 2020


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Standard session (discussion following 3 presentations)

  1. The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition – Strategies for Social-Ecological Transformation
    My presentation focuses on strategies toward social-ecological transformation, undertaken by The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) in West Virginia, to protect the mountain ecosystems and culture of Central Appalachia. OVEC has successfully fought polluters for over 30 years. The organization’s work is supported by volunteers/members, board of directors, staff members, and ordinary citizens united by the common goal: to create a sustainable economy that links a holistic lifestyle to environmental protection. Currently, OVEC’s major work is resisting the Appalachian Storage Hub (ASH/petrochemical complex and insisting on the build-up of renewable energy sources. The thematic focus on my presentation is promotion of a cleaner and safer energy, essential for the transition to a sustainable economy in Central Appalachia. Much of OVEC’s work is about addressing climate emergency by protecting air, land, water, and communities from deep shale oil and gas drilling (fracking) activities.
    Presenters: Ida Day (Marshall University, Huntington, WV)

  2. Fair carbon budgets and fair counting as levers for Degrowth - video
    Paris obligations make the inevitability of consumption reductions for affluent societies undeniable if we combine 3 non-radical demands: 1) equal per-capita allocation of the global carbon budget, 2) accounting for carbon footprints of imports/exports, 3) non-reliance on yet unproven technologies.
    Presenters: Jefim Vogel (Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds)

  3. Design Patterns for Degrowth Information Networks
    How might we design a ‘degrowth’ information infrastructure that enables the rapid, convivial global coordination we urgently need, while respecting and enhancing the dignity, sovereignty, and autonomy we desire? A survey of promising new designs, technologies open questions and challenges.
    Presenters: Don Blair (Edge Collective)

Language: English with translation to German

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