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Global Degrowth Day – A Good Life for All!

By: The Global Degrowth Day Team


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Celebrate degrowth on June 4th 2022 - this year’s Global Degrowth Day!


We call on everyone inspired by degrowth to organize (online) actions and events invoking the theme of Climate Justice.


As usual, on Global Degrowth Day you are invited to explore the different ways out of growth-dependency, and to connect to inspiring (local) initiatives working on new paradigms relating to sustainability and justice. This year we suggest to add the focus on Climate Justice (page work in progress).


What to do on the Global Degrowth Day?

On our website (https://degrowth.info/en/gdd-good-life-for-all) you can find a collection of ideas and helpful hints. Given the pandemic situation it will also be possible to hold events online. We had a diversity (www.degrowth.info/en/2020/06/degrowth-around-the-world-celebrating-the-2020-global-degrowth-day) of events all around the world in the last years (walks, picnics, webinars, bicycle tours, demonstrations...).


In order to build alliances and cross-contaminations we strongly encourage degrowth groups to organize their event together with other local movements and associations that are fighting for climate justice (e.g. Fridays For Future, Extinction Rebellion, Transition Town, Green Peace, etc..)!


At the international level we are working together with Degrowth Talks on a webinar where degrowth speakers will discuss together with Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion and Global South climate movements. More info will be available soon here.



To organize an action or event, follow the instructions on https://www.degrowth.info/en/gdd-good-life-for-all#register and register your event in the map. For social media, use #GlobalDegrowthDay2022 and visit our facebook page Global Degrowth Day. Here you can find a flyer that you can finalize with the details of your event.


Who are we?

We are part of the “Activism” working group of the international degrowth movement.You can reach us here: globalday@degrowth.net


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The Global Degrowth Day Team

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